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George Harrison's 'I Me Mine' gets extended edition

George Harrison's 'I Me Mine' gets extended edition

September 29, 2016, 7:55 pm

Genesis Publications announces I Me Mine – The Extended Edition by George Harrison. I Me Mine is the closest we will come to George Harrison’s autobiography. For the first time, it spans the length of Harrison’s lifelong work in music, told in his words and 141 songs and lyric sheets – many unpublished until now.

'Writing a song is like going to confession... writing songs to try and find out, to see who you are.' - George Harrison in I Me Mine – The Extended Edition

George Harrison’s I Me Mine was originally published in 1980 after Harrison saw a copy of the first Genesis Publications book, Log of H.M.S Bounty. In conversation with his friend and former Beatles press officer Derek Taylor, and in a first-person commentary that accompanies his songs, Harrison’s own words recount everything from his upbringing in Liverpool, to early Beatlemania and his spirituality and philosophy.

“A book which tells the story of growing up, not necessarily the hard way but certainly now the easy way” Derek Taylor in I Me Mine – The Extended Edition

“We had felt cocky and certain but when Brian Epstein said “you’re going to be bigger than Elvis you know”, we thought “well, how big do you have to be?””
- George Harrison in I Me Mine – The Extended Edition

I Me Mine – The Extended Edition is a fascinating document of Harrison’s song writing from 1963 to 2001. Hundreds of lyric sheets have been appraised, scanned and faithfully reproduced. Classic hits like Here Comes The Sun are interleaved with rare compositions such as Cosmic Empire, shown both typeset and in Harrison’s own handwriting. 141 songs are included, accompanied by the musician’s warm, witty commentary. 59 of these are presented here for the first time – songs written for The Beatles and in collaboration with friends such as Ringo Starr, for screen productions like Shanghai Surprise, and for an acclaimed list of platinum-selling solo albums (All Things Must Pass, Somewhere in England, Gone Troppo, Cloud Nine and Brainwashed).

A collection of rare and unseen photos show the author performing with the Beatles, onstage with Bob Dylan at the Concert for Bangladesh, during trips to India and visiting Formula One races. I Me Mine – The Extended Edition comes with new photos from the Harrison family archives, some published here for the first time.

With an updated introduction by Olivia Harrison, and new cover art by Shepard Fairey, I Me Mine – The Extended Edition offers readers a treasured portrait of George Harrison and his work – but also a unique insight into the process of song writing. I Me Mine brims with a cheerful charisma that emanates from Harrison’s discussions with Taylor, contemplative musings on his lyrics, and profound observations of the modern world that are more relevant today than ever.

“The truth within us has to be realised: when you realise that everything else that you see and do and touch and smell isn’t real, then you may know what reality is and can answer the questions ‘who am I?’”
– George Harrison in I Me Mine – The Extended Edition

I Me Mine – The Extended Edition also marks a special milestone for Genesis Publications: it is their 100th edition since the founding of the company in 1974. Harrison’s book has been chosen by Genesis to mark this event as a celebration of both Harrison’s work and their collaborative history.

“At one-and-a-half times the extent of the original, we are thrilled to introduce readers to such a ground-breaking new edition of this classic book. It is also an honour to pay tribute to both George Harrison and the company’s founder Brian Roylance, for whom I Me Mine marked the beginning of a long-lasting friendship.”
– Catherine Roylance & Nicholas Roylance, Genesis Publications

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