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Connie Constance: I’m going to have fun

Connie Constance: I’m going to have fun

December 1, 2016, 12:00 am

On Beats 1, Connie Constance joined Julie on her Beats 1 show and premiered her new track Clouds. Julie has been an advocate for supporting rising UK artists and Connie is one of the latest ones making waves in the UK with her music.

On the concept for the video for Lose My Mind
I don’t know where it came from straight away in my head but it was about more capturing that intimate caring for another person idea. Washing the hair is something we don’t do to each other, parents do it to their children, it was like this is actually a mad way to look after someone, washing them. So I was like lets see if we can capture that, originally I wanted loads of bubbles coming out the bath and then we just thought lets make it focused on that, one person caring for another person in their own world, like this is how they look after each other.

On her favourite part of 2016 so far
I think when I looked back there was a time I had a realisation probably about a month ago, and I looked back and I just took all the pressure off myself and just really though I am going to enjoy this career and I’m going to have fun. And I think that moment was the best moment because it was the realisation of ‘I chose this to have fun because its what I love doing, and its what I’m passionate about doing, its what I’m serious about doing, but I’m going to enjoy this life’.

On daydreaming
I daydream a lot. Think of how many places your in that are just waiting points. Like when your on the tube, when your waiting for a friend, anything, those moments you can just doze off in your head. Its because things really do actually happen and its like, the best bit is dreaming of things, and the weird bit is when they come true. When you realise that things do actually come of it, its just like ‘let me just dream for fun’, ‘let me just dream about a Porsche even though I can’t drive’, it might come through the post!

On Connie’s biggest dream
The realest dream for me is a school. Thats the real thing, thats the end of the journey is having a school. Even if its 10 people.

On playing at Pitchfork in Paris
It was my first show outside of London. Everyone was engaged, they got really engaged, it was better than the performance I’ve done in London. Truthfully I was there and you could see by peoples faces they were ’there', they were like we are going to give some energy to you because your performing to us, that was really helpful. Its helpful if you look at a crowd and they are like ‘yeah just go’ even if we don’t like your sound, just go. It was filling out, it was mind-blowing to be performing in Paris.

On the new track
This track came from working with this girl called Alice and there was a weird rebellion that was in us at the time of recording. We were in the studio for a couple of days every few weeks, and we just went wild. We talked about the weirdest subjects, this is about allusive dreams, so I explained to her about this allusive dream and she totally, you know when someone makes your weirdness more and you go along with it. She was telling me about astrology, we just went a bit weird and rebellious. Out of those sessions we made three tracks, this one is my favourite. There is another one thats coming out as well.