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Metallica: We’re more forgiving to differences of opinion now

Metallica: We’re more forgiving to differences of opinion now

December 1, 2016, 2:24 am

This week's issue of Billboard features Metallica. The band opens up about finally finding harmony, whether they'll still tour at 70.

Drummer Lars Ulrich on if he sees the band touring at 70 years old:
“Whether we’ll be able to play ‘Master of Puppets’ in our 70s, I just don’t know,” says Ulrich, referring to the group’s landmark 1986 thrash-metal anthem. “With Metallica, there’s a physicality and a weight that has to be part of it. You can play it less heavy, slower — or you can realize that the music deserves that physical approach, and if the physical delivery isn’t there, then maybe it’s better not to do it.”

On how the band no longer argues like they used to:
“We’re more forgiving to differences of opinion now,” says Ulrich. “Twenty years ago, we’d go in there and battle for everything, whether it was creative ideas or personal preferences or whatever. Now, it’s just not worth it. We prioritize getting along and having a functioning entity — that’s more important than winning an argument.”

Their role models for working past retirement age:
“Everybody mentions The Rolling Stones,” says Hetfield. “They could probably play until they’re 120. Lemmy [of Motorhead] gave it all he had to the last breath. Bruce Springsteen, another guy I admire for his endurance. But Angus Young [of AC/DC] — that guy blows my mind. That guy sweats so much every night. I can’t believe his head is still on his body.”

On their music maturing:
“We know we’re not supposed to mature in this field. People don’t want you to,” says singer-guitarist James Hetfield...“They want you to look young and cool and dye your hair and all that shit. We respect our age — we’re not trying to hide it.”