Explore the Dangerous beauty of Subnautica

Explore the Dangerous beauty of Subnautica

Console commands in Subnautica and it’s importance for the game. This article will go over what console commands are, what they do, and how you can open them in the game. They provide a way for players to modify the behavior of other elements in Subnautica such as adding spawn points, force enable certain features like fast travel, and add additional textures and models to be used in-game. As this is a fairly complicated process that can cause problems if not done correctly, this post will also cover how to avoid these issues!

How to open console subnautica

To open it, you need to press “,” in the game. There is a built- in command list that will be available when typing help in the console. You can also get help on commands with the gethelp command.

Find your way in a living ecosystem with unique flora and fauna

The world of Subnautica is inhabited by a variety of unique creatures, some of which pose a threat to the player. Sharks are the most common danger, but other creatures like the Reaper Leviathans can be just as deadly. Learning to identify these creatures and understand their behavior is essential for survival in the game.

The various types of flora in Subnautica also play an important role in the ecosystem. Many types of plants can be used for crafting, while others provide food or oxygen. Learning to identify and use these plants is essential for long-term survival.

Make your own Submarine!

Making a submarine in Subnautica is a complicated process, but it’s definitely possible! The first step is to find a blueprint for the submarine you want to make. There are a few different places you can find blueprints, but my favorite place to look is in the alien ruins. Once you have a blueprint, you need to gather the materials necessary to build the submarine.

The next step is to construct the submarine. This can be done in the fabricator or at an engineering station. Be sure to follow the blueprint exactly, as any mistakes can result in a submarine that doesn’t work!

Once your submarine is constructed, it’s time to test it out! Make your way out to the open ocean and see how rich it is.

Survive at all costs on an uncharted ocean world

The world of Subnautica is a dangerous one, and the player has no option but to kill or be killed. There are plenty of plants and animals that pose a threat to the player but there are also some that will come to the player’s aid. Learning how to identify which creatures and plants can help and those that will hurt is crucial for long-term survival in Subnautica.

It takes time and money to make a submarine in Subnautica, but it’s possible! The first step is finding a blueprint for the type of submarine you want to build. There are many different places you can find blueprints, as well as different materials that you need as you progress through the game.


Console commands in Subnautica open up a world of possibilities for the player. They provide players with ways to customize their experience and increase immersion by adding spawn points, enabling fast travel features like map markers, or changing how certain plants behave (like making cactus edible). The game also provides tools like gethelp that can make these processes easier to understand. On the other hand console commands are very complicated and if not executed properly could result in things breaking down which is why this article will cover avoiding those mistakes as well! Regardless of whether you’re new to Subnautica or an advanced player looking for more challenges, take some time to explore what console commands have available- there’s so much potential out there waiting to be unlocked!

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