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4 Common Types of Vending Machines

Vending machines are made to give convenience to the busy life of people today. They are designed to cater to their specific needs giving them less time and effort. Customers can use them by inserting coins or bills into the money slot. After a customer makes a choice of product, the machine will dispense it. Most of these equipments are made with a change cup which will release a change due for the customer.

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These types of equipments are available in many types from different suppliers and manufacturers. A number of these tools will require electricity in order to vend certain products while others will need a mechanical motion. These type of equipments come in various shapes, sizes, prices and colors. They are mostly found in waiting areas, malls, schools, businesses and bowling alleys. Below are some of the common types of these unique and profitable machines.

Soda Vending Types

Airports, bus stations, hospitals and colleges are the most common places to see snack vending machines. Usually they sell gumballs and candies. Gumball type of machine is considered the oldest kind of
machines. But in terms of automatic types of these machines, candy vending machine is by far the most famous kinds. Laundry soap, tattoo and medical machines are other kinds of machines often used.

Toy and Food Vending Types

Carousel vending machines are meant as food vendors. Coffee vending types work by using an electric outlet. There are also these kinds of machines that sell both soda and snacks. In order to boost sales, capsule machines are great additions. Also, sticker vending machines can easily attract teenagers and children. In many countries, these types of machines sell alcoholic beverages.

Popcorn Vending Types

These kinds of machines are not very common. However, they can be seen in carnivals and fairs. Washroom, milk, deli food and ice cream vending kinds of machines are widely available. In public places, cigarette machines are commonly seen although using them is restricted due to issues regarding underage buyers. Video game and bottled water machines are also kinds of vending equipments that often used.

Customized Vending Types

These types of equipments are meant for those who want to more options for their machines. They offer some extraordinary products like console and computer games, ticket, DVDs, CDs, stamps, disposable cameras and stationery equipment. They are best for retail stores, malls and supermarkets. They are capable of selling various products depending on what the owner deems sellable based on the available traffic in a particular area.

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