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Customizing Bedrooms Through Bed Choice

It can be difficult to make different sizes and layouts for bedrooms work for a specific family’s needs. However, one of the best ways to customize any bedroom space to fit the needs of any family is to utilize one of the many unique bed styles available in the market. If space is an issue, trundle beds, daybeds, and bunk beds can be ideal, while sleigh beds can be a gorgeous addition to any room that can accommodate the larger size.

While bunk beds may create a negative image of ugly space saving creations slapped together with old rough wood, or something one slept on in summer camp. There are many different modern designs for bunk beds that can suit any lifestyle. One could purchase a more traditional bunk bed, with two single mattresses atop one another, or opt for a double bed on the bottom. There are bunk beds that can be set up at different angles from each other, providing space for desks or other furniture. Older users can choose a design that lofts a single bed over a futon style seat. There are safety rails and other features that can make bunk beds a good choice for any age. single trundle bed 

Trundle beds are the one of the most simple ways to create extra sleeping space in a guest bedroom or elsewhere. Because a trundle bed slides underneath either a double or single bed when not being used, there is a large amount of flexibility afforded. Two or more guests can share a room that has a trundle bed.

A daybed is similar to an average single sized bed, but with a decorative twist in the three surrounding sides. Daybeds are available to suit any sort of decor, and when they are not in use they can be accessorized with pillows and other accessories. Trundle beds can be used in addition to a daybed in order to create more sleeping space as well.

Sleigh beds, with their reputation for antique designs, can also be purchased in a more contemporary style. Sleigh beds include both foot-boards and headboards, which can make it a bad choice for a more tall homeowner, as well as a challenge for fitting into some rooms. However, if the size of the sleeping space is not a problem, and it will fit into the room, the elegant look of a sleigh bed could be a great addition to a master bedroom.

Because there are so many choices, simply by looking into the different styles of beds that are available, a homeowner can experience a great deal of flexibility in furnishing their family bedrooms and guest rooms.

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