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Herpes Virus Remedy Tips

Herpes virus is bothering you and yet you have no knowledge how it occurs and how to get rid from it? You have come to the right place!!! because I’m sharing an info about this problem here…

Cold sore description is a small red fluid-filled blister which usually appears around of our lips which differ from canker sore that is inside the mouth.

The herpes virus hides in the our body for a long time in the nervous medical term this is called “latency” a process of cold sore cycle and can labeled as “recurrent infections”.

This virus is a contagious skin disease or skin disorder; anyone can be infected by it. But a treatable type of skin problem so to speak yet cold sore can cause initial tingling, burning painful sensation can be embarrassing too! the first thing you should do to eased the pain is by taking a pain reliever.

It should be containing ibuprofen or acetaminophen these two over-the-counter medicines are known to elevate the pain threshold. Blisters can be gone within one to two weeks after it dried out some people get a repetitive occurrence of cold sore but others just once.It may be gone or healed but the virus stays in the body forever.

Some Tips here to help you with cold sore virus:

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1. To avoid from getting a cold sore virus be sure not to share food from a person infected by it,

2. Avoid physical contact and also if you already have this on its first stage.

3. Clean the infected area with wash cloth, soap and a warm water to prevent from spreading and to minimize itching

4. Avoid touching or rubbing as much as possible it may spread to other areas in the body use ointment to dries it up and be aware of the symptoms next time so you can prevent it from occurring again,

5. Stay away from those foods that can trigger the virus as it stays in the when you were already infected by cold sore virus.

6. To fight the virus from coming back take lots of rest and take a multivitamin supplement especially containing a higher amount of Vitamin B

7. Exercise to ward off stress that most commonly triggers cold sore virus.

8. Lessen your sun exposure but if cannot be avoided use sun sunscreen. Umbrella and large brim hats is also helpful.

9.To make yourself more comfortable when you have cold sores, you can apply ice or anything cool to the area.

10. Apply topical creams (lip balms, aloe vera gel) in the affected area repeatedly to help dried it out.

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