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The Earth Friendly Organic Latex Mattress

You will find latex mattress as one of the most beneficial mattress types in today’s day and age. The benefits of using this mattress could not be seen in any other type of mattress so it is one of a kind.

The mattress is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, dust and mold resistant, breathable, sustainable and eco-friendly and best of all, effective in reducing pressure points. Such a mattress actually exists.

It is hypoallergenic because it only contains natural materials. The material used in this is rubber tree sap and less or no chemical content. This makes it a perfect choice for  Nem cao su Lien A  allergy sufferers. Latex material is also resistant to the propagation of micro organisms such as dust mites, microbes and molds.

The pincore holes, which is its primary technology makes it breathable. It allows air to flow in and out effectively to regulate temperature. It makes up a good bed during hot seasons and cold, frigid seasons.

And because it does not use harsh chemicals in its manufacturing process, it is sustainable and eco-friendly. Mother Nature will approve of this mattress.

However, it also has its fair share of troubles. The following are some issues that surround the use of this mattress:

  • It triggers allergy attacks

The mattress in itself is naturally non-allergenic because it does not contain chemicals. But it can rouse latex allergy. The allergy that some people may experience may be caused by an allergy to latex material.

However, there is an answer to this. What causes the allergy is the protein in latex. Most companies remove this protein. Also, they claim that latex allergy is only instigated with other products such as latex gloves but not with mattress foam.

If you have latex allergy, it is best to steer clear from this mattress. However, you can still experience some the benefits of using this mattress by either using one that do not contain protein or one that is made from synthetic latex. I recommend the former as it is still all natural so it has more benefits.

  • Latex Smell

The firs time you open the packaging of the mattress, a factory-like latex smell may permeate from it. This is natural with new things. The smell is still evident even in other types of mattresses.


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